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The open

platform for image labeling

Create and manage large image datasets for machine learning in a single place. Labelflow is the open image labeling tool to build the next big thing with AI.

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The image labeling tool you need to unleash your AI projects

Building large and accurate datasets for machine learning algorithms has never been that easy

Blazing Fast Image Labeling Tool

LabelFlow is an image labeling tool designed for optimum productivity. Keyboard shortcuts, interface layout, collaboration, everything is designed to build the most accurate datasets for machine learning.

Own your data and algorithms

LabelFlow image annotation tool does not try to own your data or algorithms, but integrates with them seamlessly. No duplicate source of truth and complicated scripts to synchronize your data between various tools.

Open community and standard

LabelFlow is building a community around an open source data labeling tool (under Business Source Licence) to set the standard around visual data management. Data cleaning should not require any “secret sauce”.

“ LabelFlow works at scale! Its technology was used by Sterblue to label 1.5 million images for hundreds of customers accross the energy industry. ”


AI-Powered platform for the energy space

Integrate LabelFlow image labeling tool into your own tech stack

You can get started on LabelFlow in a few seconds, by uploading your images in the app to start annotating images right away.

But LabelFlow can also connect to your own data stack allowing you to stay 100% in control of your data and algorithms . LabelFlow backend is open-source and you can customize it to integrate all your tools around your data stack. No duplicate source of truth and complicated scripts to synchronize your data between various tools. Managing large datasets for machine learning is now made easy.

LabelFlow infrastructure diagram

Connect seamlessly with the best machine learning tools

An added benefit of being open source is that LabelFlow image labeling tool can integrate with a ton of tools in the ecosystem, thanks to a clean API and SDKs. Image storage, databases, data warehouses, deployment tools and AI libraries all work seamlessly with LabelFlow. If you want to make it easier you can also export your datasets in COCO or YOLO format for example.








Google BigQuery

AWS Redshift

Amazon S3

Google Cloud Storage

Microsoft Azure





Vote on our feature roadmap

We make our roadmap transparent and we value your feedback. We are a small passionate team, we want to build the features that matter to you. Workflows, active learning, smart tools, online version, datasets versioning, discover our plan here (our friends from Canny support us)

state of the art speaker

Multiply the progress speed of your AI



for ever

  • Sleek labeling interface
  • Dataset import/export
  • Unlimited datasets
  • Unlimited local images
  • 1 user




  • Smart labeling
  • Workflow management
  • Unlimited datasets
  • 5,000 hosted images
  • 5 users collaboration




  • All Starter features
  • Premium support
  • Unlimited datasets
  • 50,000 hosted images
  • 25 users collaboration

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