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Product release: Collaboration and Boosted Labeling Productivity with Auto Polygon

Over the last months we have been working hard to release a new version of LabelFlow, the open platform for image labeling. In short you can now collaborate and label your datasets faster using Auto Polygon feature.

Label faster with Auto Polygon, the AI-powered labeling feature

The Auto polygon tool allows you to boost your labeling productivity. You create a bounding box around the object you wish to label and an AI automatically transforms this bounding box into a precise polygon around your object.


Collaborate online with your team using workspaces

By default, LabelFlow users have one local or offline workspace, where they can label and export their datasets from their computers without ever having to sign in.

Creating a workspace allows users to:

  • Collaborate: invite collaborators or partners to label thousands of images faster than ever
  • Have every images and labels saved on LabelFlow’s secured servers

Discover a short video here:

If you want to dive deeper in these these new features we got you ready a more detailed post here. The documentation platform is also updated if needed :)

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