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Announcing Labelflow, the open platform for image labeling

Manage your image data, workflows and teams to build the next big thing

There’s been a shift recently in the machine learning community: qualifying data and the pipelines to improve it has become more central than the machine learning algorithms themselves. Since the field has reached a good level of maturity, the lack of high-quality training datasets is holding the industry back. We’re here to change that.

Improving the quality of training datasets for machine learning is now the absolute key to improving computer vision capabilities, rather than fine-tuning the structure and parameters of the neural network architecture, as there are now a number of benchmarks that can already validate the robustness of specific architectures.

Our mission at LabelFlow is to support every computer vision project with our open platform for image labeling to build the next big thing with AI.


Every data scientist, researcher, AI-based startup, and larger corporation now has a key partner to support their critical computer vision projects.

What’s new as compared to other players on the market:

  • First: Give it a try, no login required! Priority has been given to user experience and to an easy onboarding process.
  • Blazing fast: LabelFlow is designed for optimum productivity. Keyboard shortcuts, interface layout, and everything else is designed with users, for users (with collaboration on the way!)
  • Data ownership: LabelFlow does not try to own your data or algorithms but integrates with them seamlessly. No duplicate source of truth and complicated scripts to synchronize your data between various tools. Your database is the source of truth for LabelFlow.
  • Open community and standard: Our mission is to generalize standard good practices around visual data management. Dataset curation should not require any "secret sauce". LabelFlow is building a community around an open-source labeling tool to set the standard.

We are a small team of developers and data scientists and we want to make it right for you: thanks to our friends from Canny, you can give us your feedback and tell us the features that would change your life and you would like us to build (we also have some ideas :) )!

Stay tuned, that’s only the beginning

The LabelFlow team

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